Friday 8 September 2017, saw the release of a brand new 2-track EP from chart-topping DJ, producer and songwriter, TiMO ODV, titled MOVE. The title track from the EP will be the first single off the release and embodies the new style of writing we have come to know from the Johannesburg based producer.

The EP showcases yet again how TiMO ODV manages to stay ahead of the curve by defying genre constraints and blending world-class production with catchy, ear-pleasing hooks. Packed to the brim with dance floor shattering bass and experimental synth leads, this EP makes good on his promise of consistent quality dance music.

Based out of his garage turned music studio in Kempton Park, the EP began to take form over the last 9 months as he began testing the tracks out in his live sets. After spending time in Europe in 2016, he drew inspiration from the strong connection he formed with the techno and tech house he experienced during his travels, and ventured into a darker sound with his new offering: “Fans can expect the same darker, clubbier vibe that my last two songs ‘The Kingdom’ and ‘Dancing Again’ brought.”

With that said, we had a quick chat with TiMO ODV.

Hi there. Thanks for chatting to us. Your new EP launched a few days ago. How has the reception been on this new darker approach?

The reception has actually been quite amazing, so many people have told me how they prefer the darker stuff as it sounds more authentic and real.

What inspired you to create a different venture for Move?

Definitely just wanted to do something a little bit different instead of just writing another pop verse pre-chorus chorus structured dance song to try something; just a little bit riskier and more out there.

What makes you excited about being an artist in South Africa?

The fact that dance music has been growing steadily and more and more people are accepting this genre and style. There is still a lot to be done here though.

Who would you say has been your greatest influence in creating Move?

The rise of tech house. Again, music moves in circles and when I started producing this was the kind of stuff I loved making but then it went out and now that it’s coming back in, it’s a great chance to make this particular sound again.

You spent some time in Europe in 2016, did that change anything in how Move came together?

Yeah definitely! We always follow European trends when it comes to dance music and Europe in my opinion started moving away from the noisier genres again back to techno and tech house.

What is your absolute favorite track to perform at a festival?

The Kingdom, because it was a free download and just shows me every time I play it how many people took the time to go find it and listen to it and know the words even though it wasn’t pushed on mainstream radio.

Do you think South Africa is behind in terms of the club scene in Europe? Or are we on the same level?

Definitely always about 6-12months behind, but can you blame us? I mean we are the most southern tip of Africa 🙂

Haha. True… What is next for TiMO ODV?

More music, already working on some new material.

Where can people find your EP?

Google Play, iTunes, all the streaming services and should be on as well YouTube soon.


*Header photo by Canton Parker.