Before I start with my review, I need to point out that I still call the ‘Menlyn Skate Park’ by its old name – Thrashers, I grew up with the name Thrashers, and it will forever stay that way for me. It’s a piece of skateboarding history!

On the 31st of May (Saturday) my lady and I headed out to Thrashers near Menlyn Mall to watch some skateboarding and to have a good time. We arrived at the park around midday and we were greeted by Rockstar Energy and Vodka mixes up on the roof. As I was not participating, I could indulge in a few well-deserved drinks. We met up with the Grind Radio guys on the roof, who were treating the crowd with good music to fit the sunny day.

Thrashers Skate Comp

As we made our way to the edge of the roof to watch the competition – which was already in full swing – we also met up with MC Marcel Maasen who was keeping the ‘gees’ going with his commentary. The little kids (Under 13) were going mad with their skills, who knew these champs could give some of the bigger guys a run for their money? They were banging out slides on the flat bar, and grabs over the funboxes. The little guys were kicking ass and taking names!

MC Marcel Maasen

MC Marcel Maasen

After a quick refreshing drink and a snack in our faces, we were (mis)treated to two streakers running through the park – Wel Gedaan Seuns – and after the half-naked shenanigans ended, we were watching the amateurs skating around in the park. A few of them were solid and even dared to tackle the 8-stair drop. I know some kid tried to kickflip it, but sadly couldn’t stick it. A few others were throwing feeble grinds on the flat bar, and some were trying the handrail down the pyramid.

Next up we had the pro run, and in no time we were speechless at the skills some of these guys had, one guy had a flawless run without any bails (I might be wrong, remember the Rockstar Energy and Vodka mixes I previously mentioned), he had a switch hardflip down the stairs who blew minds, and a little-ish kid was flying around the park and even landing a nollie 360 late-flip (Yet again I might be wrong) – the rest of the guys who entered were solid, and had the crowd thoroughly entertained.

In the end there could be only one winner… or three when the prizes were given away. Unfortunately we didn’t catch the ladies section, but we heard there was one lady who won the open section… between all the guys! Well done!

Unfortunately we didn’t stay to watch the bands! But hopefully they rocked out, because what’s better than skating and good music?

Thank to Soviet, Rockstar Energy and all the other sponsors involved in the event. It was a blast, and also the guy who rode his Harley in the driveway like crazy, you kept the party going!

The Little Kid-Stampede

The Little Kid-Stampede

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