The title of King of the Road is given out once a year by Thrasher magazine. The tradition was started in 2003 and has been one of the premier skateboarding contests in the USA.

In 2003, Thrasher held the first King of the Road, a skate scavenger hunt that saw a collection of teams travel across America, checking off challenges like “Fakie heelflip over a spine” and “Make out with a 50-year-old” as they went.

Michael Burnett, Thrasher’s editor at large, came up with the idea. He and a friend envisioned it as a “skateboarding Cannonball Run.” Which is pretty much what it is.

In the King of the Road (KOTR) contest, a group of pre-invited teams of professional skaters are each given a book containing a series of challenges. Points are awarded at the completion of each challenge. The teams compete at the same time over a two-week period, in which they travel across the U.S. to complete as many challenges as possible.

KOTR has been held annually since its inception.

Okay, now that the formalities are done and dusted. We bring you all the episodes of Thrasher’s King of the Road webseries. It was broadcasted on Viceland from April until now.

The series starts with the Birdhouse, Toy Machine, and Chocolate teams meeting at Marginal Way Skatepark in Seattle to knock out some group challenges. This is the first year that all of the teams have met at the start of the trip, which really set the competitive vibe in motion. Setting up a skateboard and doing a 360 blindfolded, a death race, and a barrel jump contest were all a part of the initial madness.

From here, the teams receive their official King of the Road challenge books and set off to start checking things off of the list. The show really shows the grueling nature of this competition.

This year’s competition was fierce. And now you don’t even have to search for it on the interwebs, we have every single episode right here, perfectly in order for you. Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy!