So, if you’re like us, you’ve probably ruined more than a few of your favorite clothes by spilling something on them. Or maybe you’ve even completely fucked up your phone by accidentally dropping it in the toilet or swimming pool etc. Well, now there’s some hope for our damned clumsy generation… the Water Repellent Spray from “Neverwet”.


Getting past the very sad brand-name (NEVER WET… think about it), this spray is going to solve at least 50% of our day to day problems.

As many of us know, liquids are bastards; always spilling all over us and even trying to hurt our precious gadgets. Well no more, I say!


Now you can use your shoes as plates, without worrying about getting them dirty!…


The spray seems to completely seal off your phone, and I don’t even need to explain all the possibilities here… Angry birds under water anyone?


Looking past the anti stain possibilities for clothes, since the spray repels all liquids, that could probably mean that sweat wont be able to absorb into your clothes either right? That means… no need for laundry!?

We are fucking sold, just take all our money!

Sound too good to be true? Well check out this video and decide for yourself: