If you don’t know what Twitter is then stop reading at once, go to a mirror and give yourself a facepalm, a hard one. Now that the idiots are out of the room we can go on without any further dumb questions (there are dumb questions and dumb people).

What I have noticed on Twitter for quite a while is that everybody wants more followers, is it a race and the winner gets bragging rights? I don’t know, but all of us that use the network regularly will notice these rants polluting timelines: “Follow @Icopyeverytweet for him/her/it to get to 17 followers, do it now.” Or “If you haven’t followed @TweetPro5000 you will miss the best quotes guaranteed, he helped me through my break-up”. Laughable and extremely idiotic?! Yes it is, but the funniest part of this whole process is that they hunt in packs, give an hour or so after that and the roles would be exchanged. Now @TweetPro5000 will be telling his followers that they should be following his/her/its break-up patient hoping that their flimsy attempt worked.

Or if all else fails they change their egg avatar to a nude or model celebrity thinking that the image will definitely get more attention than their gasps for some or other form of acceptance.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for the #FF but not every single fucking day over and over again. Unfollowed guaranteed by me.