All the single ladies stand up; all the single ladies put their hands up, Ermewgewd I sound like a lame rap song with that. I really like them, single girls; they make Friday and Saturday nights so much more fun than they already are, imagine the weekend being sex, which is fucking great and the single juicy ladies as a shower, now who wants to have sex in a shower, okay put the hands down now. With that said I noticed they do not go out often in the week, my guess is they hibernate to hit the town in the weekend, that or the fact that most people in a drinking place in the week are usually old bikers or those people that sit alone while talking about their pets with the barman….scary stuff. Got to watch your step with those guys!

Yes you! Come here!

What I also found so intriguing is that when there is a single attractive girl in a group, she fucking sleeps or makes out with every guy sooner or later, what makes it more fascinating is that I am never that goddamn guy; I know I know such a hot dude with looks to kill. No seriously, if it wasn’t for single HOT girls, who are we to take home with us expect that asshole friend that can’t hold his own for a few mere hours (yes I am talking to you Allain).

We are often intrigued by their good looks and don’t give a fuck attitude, which in my book makes a lady worth the chase. Now I would like make a bold statement, if you are a female, beautiful, sexy and just all around cool, please don’t get hitched, you make the world a better place for all.