The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1)

The new film by Ben Stiller – which he directed and stars in – is a breath-taking adventure into the life of all around ‘normal’ nice guy Walter Mitty. Adapted from a short story written by James Thuber and published in the New Yorker more than 70 years ago.

Walter Mitty is your everyday guy who eludes everyone in an office environment and daydreams of a better, more exciting life while he’s too scared to venture out of his hometown. He works as a negative asset manager at LIFE magazine – where he has blue eyes for his co-worker crush (Kristen Wiig) – but the magazine is downsizing to an online publication and the last cover should be ‘the quintessence of life’. And as life should have it, the last negative photo for the cover is lost, and that’s where Walter is forced to take action.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

The Ben Stiller-directed movie takes you on an adventurous ride throughout the most intriguing places, to track down Sean O’Connell – the extravagant photographer whose whereabouts can not be pin pointed to an exact place. The journey takes you to the isolated Greenland, the stormy shark-infested waters and the volcanic Iceland amongst other places where the beautifully-captured landscapes will take your breath away. The superlative and humorous eHarmony technician, played by Patton Oswalt, provides comic relief as his borderline stalking to set up Walter’s account, is truly a funny take on determination. And not to mention the strangely-bearded supercilious Adam Scott, who fulfills the role of the antagonist superbly.

The zoning out, as Walter calls it, provides the viewer with some Marvel’s Avenger-like scenes with full on action that can feel a bit cartoony at times. But the comic reference to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had me smiling all the way.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a Ben Stiller movie, but not a Ben Stiller movie – He doesn’t play his normal character. This is his slickest film yet, and I would urge everyone to make the time to see this movie when it comes out in January 2014; it won’t disappoint.

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I would like to thank Twentieth Century Fox and Flying Fish for the opportunity to see this film, it was an eye-opener and I will recommend it to anyone who’s in need of some adventure in their everyday life.

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