What do you get when James Wan directs a movie? First, let me give you a bit of background on James; his rise to fame started after directing Saw in 2004, but he had no hand in directing of any of the other movies in the Saw franchise. I remember watching the first, and thinking to myself “What the hell is going on here! Oh fuck! Dude No! He’s going to fucking cut it off!” You too maybe? Well, let’s move on before I forget, he was also involved in the terrifying Insidious.

The Conjuring
Now let’s talk about his latest cinematic nightmare, set to release 19 July 2013 namely The Conjuring. A movie with no gore, and very little violence, yet still got a nice little R rating. If you don’t know what that means; It’s almost the same as our “No people under a certain age, 18”. Why on earth did it get such a rating? Was it maybe because of excessive swearing, Some nekkid people getting frisky perhaps? No my dear readers. It got that rating for being too scary! “Based on true events,” (Shit just got real, people). The Conjuring follows the Perron family, who seek the help of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, after some very bizarre events start happening in their newly purchased farmhouse.

Still a nay sayer? Have a look at the trailers that I so effectively put up. Sweet dreams and big hugs. 🙂