Don’t fix or replace something that isn’t broken. That is what my opinion is when asked on why I don’t replace my wallet. True, it may be old and not that fashionable anymore; I don’t care for those things. I like it and it does its job pretty damn well for the plain reason that it holds valuable items. Not talking about money, or lack thereof in my wallet but my identification on the form of my driver’s and other old cards that I have. Memories that I don’t want to remove at all, much like the item that is holding it.

I have lost this wallet countless times but like a force it doesn’t want to leave me, every single time I get it back. A few years ago I went out with a few friends for some much needed partying, on the way back we parked next to the road and did our thing. I accidentally dropped it and left it there, the next morning with anxiety I searched for it. Couldn’t find it in the car or anywhere in the house. I thought that maybe retracing our steps or drunken strides from the previous night would help, well as fate would have it, I found it next to the road (a busy one in fact) laying there on the ground, everything still there. Untouched by anyone expect me. I have other stories like that where I lose it unknowingly and the next thing someone brings it to me asking if this is mine. If that is not fate or a sign that I should keep it, then I don’t know!

The little fucker also has a sentimental value to it; it reminds me of a good time in my life. I got it in Durban; I can exactly remember the shop in the year 2006. It was a gift from someone that was close to me. I honestly thought that it would never last so long but something is in that thing that is preventing me from losing it, maybe the thought behind the giver at that time or maybe just sheer luck. It is one of my most prized possessions, not in term of value because I doubt if you can even get R50.00 bucks for it at the moment but just the way it was given and I will never ever give it up. Think of it as a lucky charm. So if anyone wants to buy me a new wallet when I still have this one, don’t please don’t. I won’t use it at all, if this thing goes with me to the grave, then so be it. Fate ek se!