I think now that the dust has settled, and most people have already forgotten about the place, I thought I’d be the first to come out and say something about the fat white elephant in the room that keeps on popping up.

Nobody has talked about that place since it closed down; that’s right all you Norfff-ers! I’m looking at you! no you! Don’t look behind you, I’m pointing my cursor at YOU! I’ve heard people say “thank fuck it closed down” or they’re “so happy that the ‘dwelmnes’ is no longer destroying the innocent lives of the youth,” I’m a bit dumbstruck by the latter, because how the hell do ‘dwelms’ have a nest, do they flock around? Do they migrate when the winter is approaching? And innocent lives… Oh dear lawwd, how many actual “innocent” people were there? 17 year old something girls with mini skirts that could double as a napkin in Wimpy, guys who said the Afrikaans version of ‘vagina’ more than an average gynecologists in spring… Their innocence was lost the day they were born on the other side of the train tracks… And don’t even get me started on the motherhawks and Tapout shirts that were almost made mandatory! *Calm down Ed calm down*

I’ll admit that the place just gave a little push to aggravate the backyard mechanic inside some of the local residents of the place – with all the testosterone that was displayed almost every other weekend. But looking past all the zeffness that the place portrayed, and the muscle clad knob heads – it was a fun place to kuier, that provided a lot of laughs, and ridiculous stories that were shared on Facebook.

Back to the point: some people already made plans to find alternative watering holes when the impending doom of the place was announced; some said Big Five was the next option, or Red Doors (Yuk), but was it that hard to turn your head to the side and notice that an O’Hagans was next door?

Gossip Bar

If you absolutely hated the place with every inch of your being, and only said bad things about it, thanking Buddha that it finally shut its broken doors; check out this link to their ‘Facebook’ fan page. Remember that neat thing you always did by tagging yourself at a place, or your cool friends who took 287 photos of you posing on the dance floor? Well, you’ll probably find yourself on here.

In all honesty, it wasn’t that much of a bar overflowing with luxury or excellence, to say the least, it was a bar. Bar’s come and go, but the stories – no matter how fucked up they were – will always stay with us.