Pizza Hut has just created a new pizza box that doubles as a movie projector — with a little help from your smart phone. Here’s how it works: remove the perforated circle in the side of the box, attach the provided lens (which doubles as a pizza table), scan a QR code, and place your phone inside the box pointing at the lens. Since the image is being blown up from a projection from your phone, the quality is almost certainly going to be bad. We like the idea, but why would you want to watch on a projector if you have a Smart TV? Unless you’re a Hipster.

There are four different boxes, each of which comes with a separate movie download via a QR code. They’re called Slice Night (for horror fans), Anchovy Armageddon (for science-fiction), Hot & Ready (for romance), and Fully Loaded (for an action flick). The box itself is fittingly called the “Blockbuster Box.”

As of right now, the “Blockbuster Box” is only being rolled out in Hong Kong. Take a look at the video below to see it in action: