This weekend we made a trip to Warmbaths to have a good time on a game farm, although we didn’t see any wild animals apart from a Hadida that tried to smash through the vehicle on the way there. We took the road on a little bit later than we originally planned for on Saturday but none the less we got there in one piece, me not so much in one piece, see I got a black swollen eye on Friday evening due to an unfortunate incident where I got punched/elbowed in the face by wait for it, one of my friends. So I was pretty rough looking and had one fucking huge headache.

It was a funny weekend due to the host (Brian) being the victim of his own demise, first he almost fell of the bakkie when we were driving on a dirt road, he managed to just get a grip on the side. Fast forward ten minutes, he “tried” to dirt surf behind the vehicle and much to the delight of everyone on the back, he did not even get the chance to stand up. He fell flat on his stomach while being dragged through the sand, it was a truly a defining moment in his life.

Now this was the epic moment from the weekend for me, the highlight if you can call it that. We were at a dam/river/pond/little amount of water when Brian did his best to imitate a diving Olympic hopeful. Here are the pictures in order of the awesome event, it is something that can only be seen once in a lifetime.

Everybody stand back! I got this

Kom ons duik!

Shit fuck shit fuck too fast too fast

Nee man boys, dit was nou nie so snaaks nie