Expect a profusion of well-crafted flavours, exceptional sounds and a colourful spectrum of Pretoria and Gauteng society, as The Cowhouse celebrates the skill and ingenuity of craftsmanship at The Nice Guy Sessions.

Craft Beer is obviously one of the focal points of the event, and will be present in a wide selection; from the refreshing Rooibos Cider from Hazeldean Brewing Company to Brewhog’s fruitful Red Lager and the Banana flavoured Fokker Weiss from Cockpit Brewhouse. A variety of local street chefs will also be showcasing their talents in the form of gourmet wraps, burgers and traditional curries, as the evening is spent on the lush green lawns of our charming outdoor venue, indulging the pallets and exciting the senses.

To accentuate the creativity and experimentation of the growing sensation that is craft; guests will enjoy live entertainment from a wide range of South Africa’s upcoming and talented musicians such as The Motherland, Jerry & The Bandits and I, the Delicate. Whilst other attractions include the Brannas Draught Run, Beer Pong Competition in association with Hazeldean Brewing Company and the Hazeldean Valley Trails, which offer fitness enthusiasts a variety of scenic routes to enjoy on bike or foot, and with their beloved four-legged friends.

The Cowhouse is an outdoor retail space promoting cuisine, arts, crafts and design. The venue is set in the heart of the Hazeldean Valley is an old dairy farm that is now a unique gathering spot for people from all walks of life to meet, be inspired and share ideas whilst enjoying a unique farm-feel setting. It is a place for people that are passionate about what they do themselves and the whole idea of manufacturing the art in their space & selling it in their space.


The Motherland – is an indie/folk rock band from South Africa, with a unique sound that is a captivating blend of space, serene vocals, beautiful guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section.

Jerry and The Bandits – is a local indie band that insists on laying all their energy on stage, as well as making sure the crowd has a memorable time, as the audience is the main driving factor behind the band. Their sound is a unique blend of blues, jazz, alternative and indie rock.

I, The Delicate – is an acoustic duo comprised of an existential groove slayer & a sarcastic daydreamer exploring Astrophe & Opia one song at a time.

We had a chat with I, The Delicate before their show:

Hi there. Thanks for chatting to us! How would you describe your sound to the person on the street?

Thank you for getting to know us. I, The Delicate is a mood that you get into. Our music is best heard on rainy mornings and late nights, during daydreams and long drives. We live to reach the sweetspot of every soul searching, rhythm hunting audiophile and give them a heart tickling dose of the feels.

Nice! How are you feeling about performing at The Nice Guy Sessions?

Peachy keen!

What can people expect from I, The Delicate at the event?

Expect a jazzy bouqet of fingerstyle grooves and introspective lady tones.

Mmmm. Sounds good. What events or festivals would you love to play at in the future?

SXSW, White Mountain Festival, Oppikoppi and Park Acoustics are first on our list.

All of them are great! We hope you do! Do you have a motto for I, The Delicate?


Haha. How did I, The Delicate start?

In a log cabin with a rented piano and limited personal space.

What other artists are you keen on collaborating with in the future?

We have a pretty intuitive nature when it comes to collaboration, we work with hidden gems that help us produce the best possible version of our initial collective idea. South Africa is a melting pot of creativity, we’re open to most first experiences and always curious about the musical lovechild.

Last question, where can people find you next and online?

You have three more chances to spend date night with us this month. We’ll be at Hard Rock Cafe PTA on the 14th, Milk Bar on the 18th and then Hard Rock Cafe SAN on the 24th. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. Use @ithedelicate to see what we’re up to, we have exciting news and more shows coming in June.

Nice! Be sure to check them out this weekend at The Nice Guy Sessions.