Throughout history – or at least since the invention of the camera – there have been many photos that have been snapped, at just the perfect time. But very few have been able to capture something as hilarious as this pic, taken at a baseball game in Boston last week.


Almost every emotion imaginable has now been immortalized in one perfectly timed picture. Shock, bravery, surprise, bewilderment, sadness and a few more, can all be found on each of the fans’ faces.

When there’s a rock hard ball headed straight at your face, you find out really quickly what type of person you truly are. Are you the guy fearlessly diving to catch the ball, the old women trying desperately to survive at least one more night, or the guy with the beard who just accepts his fate, whatever it may be?

A psychological study in a photo this may be… but the fact remains, that this is quite possibly one of the best and funniest pics ever taken.