Today sees the official release of the debut EP by The Lectric Monks. The EP, entitled The Six, comes after the release of their first single from the EP, ‘New Man’ earlier this year.

The EP has been in development by the band over the course of the last two years, meticulously thinking through all the pre-production work until they believed that the essence of the music was captured. The EP was recorded at Audio Culture in December 2017 with Jaco Naudè, with the band, Gary Peacock and Francois van der Merwe at the realm of production.

“SPACE is experienced in 4D and that is what we strive to create in our music, space and time, creating new soundscapes through different perspectives and moments. The Lectric Monks’ sound is alien, and yet still strangely familiar. We used our collected tastes in music to compile an EP so that any- and everyone can go on a cosmic adventure and get their boogie on!”

The Lectric Monks are always challenging themselves to constantly find new inspiration. Their original material lent towards Folk-Blues, after which they were absorbed by Rootsy-tootsy Rock ’n Roll. The New EP still acknowledges their old roots for existing fans, but also explores the world of funk and psychedelic surf.

They chose the title ‘The Six’ for the new EP for various reasons: 6 is a cosmic number, it’s the number of Gaia (Mother Earth) and also is considered the most harmonious of all single-digit numbers. 6 Monks, 6 Tracks. 6 = 1+2+3 Quick Math! One concept… many meanings. With their debut EP being an energetic dose of multiple genres and themes, THE MONKS don’t conform to anything in particular, but believe anything is possible, as long as it is about the ‘Gruuv’, always and infinitely.

The Six Track Listing:
New Man
City Light (feat. Femi Koya)
Groove Song
Gotta Go

Buy/Stream The Six here on Apple Music!

With that said, we had a chat with the guys behind The Lectric Monks:

Hi, guys! Thanks for the chat. The Six will be released this month, how excited are you about the release on the EP?

We don’t know the word that describes our excitement for the release, but we do BELIEVE that there is a word in existence to explain this feeling… perhaps in another universe or SIX… in other words… pretty above average.

It has been a long time coming, with a lot of hard work, but the end product has superseded our expectations.

How has the reception been on New Man?

Fantastic! If we do say so ourselves! It has started to circulate on radio and the response has only been positive. As we couldn’t decide on which track to use as our first single, we are very excited to release the rest as well. PS. If you happen to get yourself a hard copy there is a bonus track on it.

How hard/easy is it to release music in South Africa for you?

Releasing it is quite easy, finding ears to listen to it is the hard part, but for New Man it wasn’t as hard as we expected.

The largest problem with releasing in SA is the lack of information on how to do so and what one can do with it, but exciting rumours with regards to Spotify might change that.

Your live shows are awesome, to say the least. How do you psyche yourself up for a show and what goes through your head those 5 minutes before getting on the stage?

It’s a weird combination of Lectric Meditation and a direct injection of liquefied GRUUV! Not for the faint of heart, unless you are experienced cosmonauts.

Why should people check out The Six and make a point of it to get their hands on the EP?

Because it is brilliant! No jokes, we asked our moms, and they all agree! Jaco Naudè from Audio Culture captured the vibe of the Monks, making this EP a great representation of what all our FANS have come to expect from us.

Any advice for upcoming artists with regards to recording and releasing music?

Good preparation before going to studio. This includes knowing your music to the best of your abilities as well as having a clear idea on what you want it to sound like. Also, work with the best guys you know!

What is next for The Lectric Monks?

A Lectric explosion is about to follow! Be prepared to let The Lectric Monks take you on a journey, at a stage near you! We are keen to up the level w.r.t. stage production, making the experience for our fans out of this world!

Cover photo by Adriaan Cruywagen