Bunk again. Punk is dead. You should have been dead by now. See you at the show?

Bunk 30: EAT ME ALIVE is where the strip will learn what a circle pit is. The only thing that punk rock should ever really mean, is not sitting around and waiting for the lights to go green

R30 Online tickets
R40 Door tickets

Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy. Students making some legit whiny pop punk. The real deal.

The Lebowski (EP Launch). Officially Bunk’s favourite band, they will be launching their EP titled “Super Low Nowhere”, buy them a shot and try and cheer them up.

Miagii, the perfect band to listen to while fighting with your girlfriend about a photo she was tagged in she doesn’t like. Also those hooks!

The heavyweights The Slashdogs that have been on the scene since before you could wipe your nose. They started in 2003 and haven’t bothered stopping since.

Bunk 30: EAT ME ALIVE is a tribute to one of the Bunk members who is turning 30 on the day, this is his lineup. He doesn’t care what you think.

For more information, head to the Facebook event sommer hier.

We also had a quick chat with The Lebowski ahead of Bunk… Fokken gooi ‘n lees daar!

Hi guys, back at Bunk again this weekend. How rad is the Bunk jols for you?

Bunk is turning into something really special. I think it’s safe to say that after years of struggling the local music scene is slowly picking itself up again and Bunk is the product of fresh new energy knocking at the door. We’re really proud to be part of it.

What can people expect from The Lebowski at the event?

This will be our first live show for the year, and we are absolutely aching to play the new songs live! With the exception of two shows with Shadowclub late last year, we’ve had this intense feeling of cabin fever as we’ve finished up the EP. People can expect a lot of nudity, and fresh new tunes ❤

You’ve launched “Super Low Nowhere” a few days ago, and this weekend it’ll be the launch party. Why should people check it out, and how excited are you to release new music to the world?

The new record isn’t shying away from dark lyrical themes. It basically deals with life in suburbia and finding ways to numb the feeling of not fitting in, all dressed with a healthy dose of sarcasm. We are really proud of how the record turned out and hoping people will share our sentiment. At the very least we’re hoping to inspire kids to come party with us at the launch shows.

The Lebowski is all about having a good time, and not taking things too seriously. How important is it to find humor in everyday life for you guys?

As individuals, we tend to be a bleak bunch of guys. For us humor, making music with friends and knocking back more than a couple of beers make life a lot more interesting and exciting…

After Bunk, what is next for The Lebowski?

We’re playing a string of live shows in the coming months to promote the record.
Check us out at Aandklas on the 30th of March, Uncle Mothers on the 5th (At the Irish in Johannesburg) and 6th (Thrashers in Pretoria, this will be our first Thrashers show so we super stoked for this one) and after that, at Misty Waters on the 12th May.

We’re also sitting on a massive announcement, but keeping it a secret for another few weeks 😉

Lekker lekker! We’re giving away 2 x DOUBLE TICKETS to the show this weekend. Just gooi ‘n comment right here, or on Facebook, and tell us who are you taking with if you win. Fokken maklik. The competition will end on Friday, 22 March 2019, at 08:00, and the winners will be informed shortly after. Klap hom!