The Kyle Gass Band and JASH unleashed the music video for “Our Job to Rock,” featuring Jack Black and Steve Agee a few hours upon the world. In case you didn’t know, Kyle Gass, or KG as he’s more commonly known, is the other part of Tenacious D, or ‘Ious D’

This collaboration is part of JASH’s $5K Video Series where JASH pairs an up-and-coming musical act with a comedian, gives them $5000, and tells them to spend the money however they want, as long as they spend it all and come back with a video.

Here’s the video for all you eager fans of the KG:



What does KG do when he’s not playing with the Greatest Band in the World? He assembles an otherworldly super-team of badass dudes to back him up in his own project, The Kyle Gass Band. Along with The D’s longtime electric guitarist, John Konesky, resident Sasquatch and guitarist/vocalist, Mike Bray, mythical bass legend, “Uncle Jazz” and percussion genius/international heart-throb Tim Spier, the rollicking gentlemanly ensemble traverses hill and dale to bring earth-shattering rock and roll to the wanting 100’s.