True Story

Last night I headed out to a birthday party deep in the Norfff which I enjoyed. A few drinks went into my face and I played a few games of darts… fuck did I suck at it. After a few good hours of alcohol intoxication we headed over to our last stop of the night, a popular drinking hole for the rather ‘civilized’ people in the Pretoria Noord area.

We got there and greeted a few companions who were also on their own drinking quests, but something strange caught my eye… something only ever seen near the train tracks. An old BMW, proudly standing in the parking lot (juiced up I suppose) with no back window – yes you did read right. It was clear that we were not dealing with another ordinary car; we caught the king of the Norfff, and his chariot.

“The king”, as we dubbed him, was on his way out of the bar, climbed into his chariot – wifey accompanying his look with added cap – and started it. Before revving the living daylights out of his BMW, he turned on some rave that may have been used in an old Van Damme movie whenever he was about to kick some ass. The music was blaring out – more than the usual Norfff car because of the obvious windowless back. I don’t know whether this was planned or if he was an unfortunate victim of a crime, or if it was some kind of sunroof thing.

As he was driving out – to the applause of the on-lookers sitting on the deck – he stopped and decided that everyone wanted a part in his extravagant display. What happened next was truly the most Norfff thing I saw this year. He parked the windowless vehicle next to the bar, music still in full techno-rave force and went up to the bar, over the railing and sat at a table, enjoying the music.

So there we were, sitting a few tables away from the King and enjoying the bar music mixed with his 80’s action movie beats blurring out of his windowless car. It was a defining moment in everyone’s lives. We were grateful that he graced us with his presence, and I hope to see him again soon… maybe next time he’ll stick neon lights on his wing to give the car a lekker club feel.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a video but I picked up these two pictures of his car standing next to the bar, beats pumping out of it like it was going out of fashion.

The King of Zef Zef Cars

*Update: It has come to our attention that we actually know the guy, an interview will be needed!