You know what sound we’re referring to, that damn gurgling sound that caused so many nightmares in our youfff. Anyone who watched any of the films knows what effect the sound had if you used it in a prank. Good Times!

The horrifying gurgling sound preludes the curse’s arrival in the films, which started as a made-for-TV movie in Japan (Ju-On) all the way back in 2000.

Now, thanks to the below YouTube user, you can find out just how long you can stand this fucking noise before you go insane and start rocking back and forth in the corner. Listen as the gurgling loops for 12 straight hours. “I thought you might want to put this on to sleep at night, or study, creep people out, pull some pranks, whatever,” jokes crysknife007.

Here’s the video, enjoy! See how long you can hold it out.