The Expendables 3 Cast

The first two Expendables movies were all out in your face, with guns blazing, explosions and Stallone. Now they’re back with the third instalment with a whole lot of new faces. Let’s quickly go through all of them: we’ve got Rambo, The Terminator, Boxer-guy, Glen Powell (don’t ask me who the fuck this is), Puss in Boots, Braveheart, UFC fighter, no one watches his movies (Dolph Lundgren), Blade, Jason (I never could grow hair) Statham, Jet Li, Titty Bouncer, Han Solo/Indiana Jones, a Maxim babe and some dude who played in Twilight – we don’t care.

But, and this is quite a big but, whatever happened to the man himself, the lone ranger – Chuck Norris? You can check out the trailer here, it released a few hours ago, but we still want an answer as to where Church is?

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