This is probably one of those you don’t care about or you love it with a passion. I think it rocks; the previous Dark Knight is probably my favorite movie in the whole franchise, because Batman is the coolest superhero.

He doesn’t have any powers, he rather uses his intellect and power aka money to help him capture the baddies. And who could forget that legendary performance by Heath Ledger RIP as the Joker? It literally blew my mind, it had everything that you wanted.

The Dark Knight Rises will probably be in the same mould as the previous films; Christopher Nolan is the director, the guy from Inception, which was also bloody brilliant. And the rest of the crew including Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Michael Cane will be there to provide some more of the awesomeness that is Batman. Not sure who will be the villains, word is Bane will be representing…the mutant strong guy with the gas mask amongst others.

Here is the first look of the official poster of the film.

Gotham crumbling with Batman’s sign in the middle.

Not the plot or storyline has been leaked so far, so we don’t know really what to expect. We will have to wait in anticipation till 2012 for this bad boy…