Born, bred and based in Pretoria, The Capitals are four relatively good looking guys with a love for their city and immense a passion for their country; they will pick a fight with anyone who says there’s no hope.

In mid-2017, after its two originating members decided to leave the band to get married and start a family, Rics Eltze and Conrad Rudolph were faced with the decision of giving up or fighting for their vision. They chose the latter. Conrad took the reins as frontman and recruited the help of musician friends Seth Fobian on bass and Wesley Ward on rhythm guitar. Together they have experienced exponential growth and continue to soar.

Making waves in greater Gauteng and the North West Province, The Capitals – alongside their already dedicated Pretoria fan base – have had a very successful 2018, opening for renowned acts Francois van Coke and Jack Parow on several occasions. The band has also played alongside Gangs of Ballet, Matthew Mole and Desmond and the Tutus, but their focus still remains the audience’s enjoyment, regardless of the location or size of the crowd.

Having graced the stages of some of South Africa’s most renowned rock venues like Arcade Empire and Aandklas Hatfield, the band made their Splashy Fen Festival debut this year, garnering new fans in KZN. Come December, they will extend their reach to the Free State, Eastern Cape and Western Cape with a national tour, promoting their soon-to-be-released debut EP, ‘Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi.’

Their energetic performances constantly improve as they push themselves harder, and their heartfelt, honest lyrics never fail to take audiences on a rollercoaster of emotions as they explore what it means to be human.

The Capitals want to meet people where they’re at and give them an unforgettable experience – whether they’re in a rut, on top of the world or just looking for a party.

With that said, they just released their brand new single, Bright Lights, today and we had a quick chat with lead singer, Conrad Rudolph…

Hi guys! Lekker to have a quick chat with you. You are dropping a new single today. How excited are you about it?

Indeed we are! We are ecstatic! This is one of our oldest songs and it’s probably one of the top three songs that we always get a great response from in our live sets so we cannot wait to see how it fares out in the open world. It’s also the first song we’re releasing after some member changes we underwent last year and we cannot wait to effectively kick off the next phase of who The Capitals are.

Why should people check it out, and what makes The Capitals different?

First off, to check whether our estimation of it being a banging song is correct – the listener can be the judge of that… But secondly – it’s a song that, lyrically, deals with real-life issues that are set to an upbeat sound to remind you that no matter how dark of a moment you could be going through or have gone through, there’s always hope that things could get better. I think what makes us different is that we don’t profess to have it all together and don’t expect anyone else to either. We just want to meet you in your moment, whether it’s up or down, and hopefully, add to it in a positive way.

You guys seem to be rays of sunshine at the moment. Just happy and making people smile 😉 Why is it so important to stay positive and never lose hope?

I think there is a sufficient stock of negativity in the world and it can easily become an echo chamber of despair if everyone just adds to it. Time and time again hope has proven to be the one thing that gets people to the other side of a tough time. Negativity breaks down a heart that’s struggling for hope and if you lose hope it’s pretty much close to game over. I (Conrad) have been in that pit and it’s not pretty. Despair is like an infection that spreads to everyone that comes into contact with you and just drags everyone down. I’m not saying you should be “Suzy Sunshine” the entire time, you know? I mean life is pretty intense, but finding at least one thing to laugh about keeps despair and hopelessness at bay.

You’ve played alongside a few of South Africa’s biggest artists, any funny or interesting stories?

We played with Beatenberg earlier this year. Seth (our bassist) is a huge fan and it was pretty funny watching him fanboy over them and getting nervous on stage when he realized they were watching us play from the back. They’re incredible musicians though so it’s hard not to feel self-conscious when they’re watching you.

What can people expect from The Capitals at Park Acoustics at the end of the month?

We’ve been trying to get a spot at Park for a long time! We’re so stoked to be playing one of, if not the biggest gig in our hometown, so we’re going to be giving it as much as we possibly can. It’ll also be the first time we play Bright Lights live after changing it up in the studio so who knows what could happen. And it’s Ricky’s birthday (our drummer). So – cake? Let the people have cake.

After the release and Park Acoustics, what is next for The Capitals?

We’ve got a music video for Bright Lights coming up pretty soon and then we have a few more tracks to finish off in the studio for our debut EP, ‘Danger, Gevaar, Ingozi’, which should be releasing towards the end of July.

Be sure to check out Bright Lights right here!

*Header photo by Anthony Churchyard