The day was 30 September 2010 or at least I think so, and my 18th bday-party was all set for the night. Naturally I was a bit apprehensive, but mostly exited that I could, for the first time, get legally fucked up.

Now, the week before I invited everyone I knew, and even invited the girl I had a crush on for the entire matric year… (Bad fucking idea!) I didn’t know what to expect that night, except from what I heard about from other people. Everyone was going on about how you’re supposed to get wasted and do stupid shit.

So, I got wasted and did a whole bunch of stupid shit…

First let’s start off with what I can remember about that night (I’ll be honest it’s not much). It started off pretty well, one of my friends (Billy!) decided to show up about 3 hours early, and so I had the first two drinks of the night with him. After a while, a shitload of people showed up, four more drinks were consumed during this time.

I knew when my brother showed up that shit was about to go down. He arrived with a bottle Captain in his hand and I placed it with the now “collection” of booze I had. Then while I was talking to a few girls and just enjoying myself, he called me over and said: “wa is die bottel jager wat jou suster vi jou gekoop het?” (Busted, I had always wanted to try this “jagermeister“ all the bands seem to like, so my sister being a good person decided to buy me one earlier that day. Thanks sis).


My bro then followed me inside the house and I got the bottle out of its hiding place. We went to the kitchen where I saw red bull on the counter. Yes it was indeed jagerbomb time! Three jager-bombs down, I decided to go out and ask two of my best friends (Andre and Sakkie) to join me for one as well. For those counting that would be drink number 12. My brother then told me to go get my crush, that actually showed up a bit earlier, to join us for one (it sounded like a great idea at the time). I took two more shots and went outside to join the rest of the now drunk population.

My memory is already starting to get hazy.

I went back to mingling with everyone, slurry speech and all. After just 20 minutes of being back outside, I was presented with a “straf dop”, lovingly prepared by my so called friend “Sakkie”. For those who don’t know, a “straf dop” is a huge glass of alcohol made up of everyone’s drinks thrown together. This was a challenge I had no problem accepting, so I downed the whole thing in one go (like you’re supposed to). It wasn’t that bad I thought, “come on I feel fine” I said.

Sakkie, the one that started it all..

Well for the sake of keeping this post short I’ll stop right here. Don’t worry I’ll post the rest of the story in a day or two! Trust me you’ll want to hear the rest.

Written by Tank