Mieliepop is back!

One of South Africa’s most beloved boutique music festivals returns 21-24 March 2018. The Republic of Mieliepop offers a laid back 4-day musical festival experience with 90+ acts performing on 6 different stages at a one of a kind venue complete with lakes, swimming pools, caves, green lawns, luxurious ablutions facilities and beautiful, friendly festival goers.

Good vibes all around! Come and experience the awesomeness that is Mieliepop this year. You don’t want to miss out… belowe.

With all of that said, we had a chat with Andre Kriel from The Black Cat Bones ahead of the festival.

Hi there. Thanks for having the time for a quick chat. How excited are you for performing at Mieliepop again?

Maximum excitement emanating from the Bones camp. We had one of our best shows ever at Mieliepop in 2016 (cue Gorilla-Boy) and after a ‘strategic’ break from the fest last year we can in all confidence announce that we’re back with a vengeance with some brand new material as well as a couple of crazy new reworked versions of some old favorites.

What makes Mieliepop such a rad festival for you?

Apart from the obvious professionalism of the organizers, the breathtaking venue and surroundings and the celebrity-like vip treatment of the artists we’ll have to say the lineup. They’ve managed to seamlessly integrate the old with the new and the unknown with the familiar, capturing the essence of a successful music festival by celebrating the sole reason why most folks attend such an event – the MUSIC!

Where is the best place to wind-down and relax with a few drinks at Mieliepop?

As an artist, we’re usually afforded the luxury of backstage access and all its comforts, but there’s something to be said about a good old chill next to the river under the cool Willow branches.

Have any of you ever ventured into the infamous “Rave Cave” after the sun has set?

Some of our members do indeed dabble in the midnight madness of ‘that place’ but as you all very well know ‘what happens in the cave ….’

What are the most important three items to take to a festival?

Yourself, your friends, and all their friends.

What has been your absolute favorite Mieliepop memory?

The arrival. It gets you every time. The moment you realize that from this moment forth for the next couple of days you can be whoever you want to be, free from judgment, free from restraint.

Who in The Black Cat Bones will be the “last man standing” on the last night?

Chris. It’s always Chris