We have a bit of new music for you. You know you fokken want it! We would like to introduce The Barbosa Experience to all of you. A well-known band in Pretoors and surrounding areas. But, they should be worldwide… Prestige Worldwide. World Wide. Wide. Wide. Okay, enough of that. Let’s get back to the Barbosa boys.

Let’s go back to the start. They started as the Captain Barbosa Experience during the Mrs. B days. Pedro needed to make some extra cash, and he did solo gigs, playing covers and original tunes to make moola. In short, the whole idea of forming a legit band started in Cool Runnings in Hatfield. The good old days of Hatties.


You’re probably asking yourself: “Who’s in the band?”

Let’s break it down for you:

– Peter Toussaint: Lead guitar and vocals
– Fred Kirsten: Bass and moves
– Rudi Oosthuizen: Drums
– Pedro Barbosa: Rhythm guitar and Vocals

So, how did everything come together? Around the time Railways Cafe opened, Peter Toussaint asked if he could join Pedro for a few gigs, just for fun. This was going down in 2011. Around 2013, before a gig at Aandklas, Rudi Oosthuizen told them that he played drums back in the day and asked if he could join them for fun. What is it with this “fun” thing? And he would bring an electronic kit! Being the owner of the venue, they couldn’t say no. They were halfway there!

Around 2014, the band needed a Bassist and Pedro approached Fred, who was the original Bassist for Mrs. B many moons ago, to help them out for a few gigs. That is the story how it came about. How smooth was it? Lekker fokken smooth if you ask us.

Where do these guys gooi? Mainly in the Gauteng area, like Railways Cafe, Aandklas Snor City, Rusty Hook in Jolburg. And of course, STRAB in lovely Mozambique. The Barbosa Experience also indulge in a lot of corporate gigs and birthday parties, as well as weddings. Jou ouma sal dit ook dig.

Where to from here? PS: This is where we come in.

The “Got No Money” album is coming out, the first official album for The Barbosa Experience. This is one you have to keep your eyes open for! Jy gaan dit nie wil mis nie.

How to describe the music? Soulful, funky and a gat-skud-sensasie. We heard them a few year ago in Aandklas. Het so bietjie bier in die lyf gehad en het lekker op die tafel gedans (Jammer Rudi). All of a sudden a song started playing outside, we thought we were listening to a track on the playlist. Nope, it was the band playing inside, The Barbosa Experience giving their music for all for the fans. Af van die tafel en binne om hierdie te check. As hulle musiek jou laat van ‘n tafel dans eskapade kan wegneem, weet jy dit moet goed wees. Piele! Wat kan ons meer sê, die manne is oulik. Nog nooit kak gemaak nie (except for a Facebook status update a few years ago regarding Oppikoppi) en is werklik ‘n lekker band om na te luister. Sit, dans of lê, jy gaan verlore raak in die tunes.

We’ve included a few links to their beats. Which you can also listen to right here: We strongly suggest that you add “I got no money” to your playlist ASAP. Nou!

Want more? We’ll be covering the band for a few posts. As they are kief guys and are really passionate about what they do. If there was no passion, what is music? Only sounds with no meaning or emotion behind it at all. The Barbosa Experience is a band that you should check out. Belowe it’s awesome! That’s a Why Ed promise.

Want more, check out their Facebook page for upcoming gigs and news on their upcoming album.