No matter what you tell me, or how old and ugly I get, Converse All Star’s would be the best pair of shoes in my mind forever. The Chuck Taylor, the all around shoe and the stylish yet casual look. Yes I just said stylish, hate me for it now. They are made to withstand any sort of punishment you bring to the party, spilled booze on it, looks better but don’t let me ever catch you spilling drinks on your shoes on purpose. And whatever may come, they look so much better with time and when the night has already taken its toll on them.

If you have ever washed them before I don’t think we can be friends anymore, simple as that. I probably had mine now more than 4 years and I dread the day when we have to break this beautiful friendship, they survived 4 Oppikoppi’s so far and even fell in the fire more than once, again don’t ask how that happened. They should be the first pair of shoes you can get your hands on when you open the closet and the only thing around your feet when you know the night is going to get rough.

Long live the All Star, Long live the Chuck Taylor.