It’s in this spirit 012Central invites you to an extravagGINza more bespoke than a nine-wheeled bicycle, craftier than a pair of loom-spun underpants, more festive than a jester in a cellophane g-string, and headed straight for the 012 in Pretoria. It’s Jozi’s epic craft gin festival, GINAPALOOZA! The coolest salute to the juniper since the beGINning of time, where all distinguished distillers of divinely fine liquor, and devout devotees of the G and the T, meet at a swilling celebration in the company of quietude’s sweet elixir.

Bring your friends and your thirst, your sunglasses and purse, to experience this vast array of botanically fantastical, local craft gins that are available on the day. Ginapalooza is not to be missed by ginthusiasts of this endearing and delightful drink, rapidly becoming a ginstitution among today’s thirsty society. Weaving sweetly between the clinking of ice cubes and elegantly inquisitive sipping of fine Gins, there’ll be delectable nibbles on offer to fill your hunger, as well as some of the country’s finest merchants of musical bliss, sending out their ginfectious melodies throughout the day. All this, and more whilst you bathe beneath the warm Spring sunlight, sipping ice-cold cocktails, in a day made for where the Jasmine and Juniper meet! So… If you’re as Malfy as a Beefeater in Cruxland, sporting a dry, Gordon Bombay jacket, on the search for Sapphires with a foxy Ginologist named, Whitney Neill, then stop Bulldogging around and get your Tanqueray’s down to another fabulous Ginapalooza, for the jolliest jol since the last one!

– Online: R100 (Includes 1 FREE G&T on 012Central!)
– Door: R130 (If still any left.)

Ticket Link: 

012central & African Beer Emporium

With that said, we had a quick chat with Thabiso ahead of the festival:

Hi there. Thanks for your time. What can people expect from Thabiso Thabethe at this rad festival?

The people should expect a performance that will speak to their hearts; Thabiso Thabethe is soulful and theatrical so the 45 minutes will feel like an adventure through Thabiso Da Earth’s world.

Gin is on the uprising in the craft scene at the moment. Are you a fan of gin, and if so, what is your absolute favorite place and time to enjoy a gin?

I do like gin, I usually just enjoy it with friends on a weekend chillas at home.

Which of the other artists are you keen on seeing at the event? And to hang out with?

I’m keen on seeing and chilling with Re Ono. The lead vocalist Magatsela is an amazing singer and songwriter, I can’t wait to exchange ideas with the guy!

What are your thoughts on craft festivals and music going hand in hand in the South African music scene?

I think this is an amazing way for musicians to connect with the people, live music is on the rise but there aren’t enough platforms for people to come and enjoy so the combination of craft festivals and music is really growing the music scene because musicians are able to connect with people.

Any words or motivation for people on the fence with Ginapalooza?

Ginapalooza is an excellent way to enjoy top-notch musicians from both the mainstream and underground scene while sipping on some nice gin.

How can people get hold of you?

Facebook: @ThabisoThabetheSA
Instagram: @thabiso_thabethe