“From the rubble of a failed industrial world, comes a man destined to change the future.”

If you’re a fan of Tommy Wiseau (The Room), you’re probably gonna love this teaser trailer for his new film Scary Love. The movie is set in a neon-lit Los Angeles and it tells a futuristic love story.

Tommy Wiseau plays a bounty hunter in the film who is in search of his long lost love. “But while the Wars of Cancellation have turned his city to rubble his search for love is rife with complications in a population full of mutants, freaks, and cannibals.”

Wiseau is only starring in the film. He did not direct it… he dit nooooot! The movie was directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford. The film is also described as a “science fiction tale told in the style of classic B-movies and outfitted with practical special effects, laser beams, and lunatic ideas.”