The original Super Troopers performed very well on DVD after its debut fifteen years ago, and after years of talk about a sequel, we finally have solid, concrete proof that Super Troopers 2 is finally in the process of filming. Broken Lizard (the comedy group responsible for the first movie) is back for the second movie, and they’ve shared the first production photo on their Facebook page:

That has to be a welcome sight for those who have been pulling for this movie to get made over the past decade-plus. We actually watched the original movie a few days ago, and there were LOLs all around.

Broken Lizard raised $4.4 million in an Indiegogo campaign… so, now they have their budget. They have almost $2 million more in the budget than they did for the first movie, so hopefully they’ll be able to make sure all of that ends up on the screen in the most ridiculous possible ways.

Are you excited for this? In case you didn’t know who the Super Troopers are, just search Beerfest and Club Dread.