We have learned from our years of internet “experience”, not to trust every study we come across. But, even for us, this one is very hard to fault.

The study looks at what the phone in your pocket says about you. The findings aren’t too surprising, but still pretty awesome. The study, conducted by “TalkTalk Mobile”, went about asking the participants which phone they had, and then asking questions like; what jobs they have, what their habits are, and about other personality traits. What the study found, is that Android users were; “shy, quiet, relaxed, introvert, and calm”, Blackberry users were “loud and bubbly” and iPhone users came across as “confident, ambitious, daring, bright, and flirty”.

talktalk-studyBeing Android users ourselves, we can completely agree with the “Artistic Android” part (especially the part about drinking). And we know many people who are Blackberry and iPhone users, and we can safely say, this study is at least 90% accurate.

How about you? Did this study hit the mark? Tell us in the comments below.