After just one season, Netflix’s “Stranger Things” became such a beloved hit that it’s already spawned a level of merchandising often reserved for entertainment properties that have been around for years.

There are a ton of toys out now and coming soon, and now you can even visit Hawkins any time you’d like with the show’s very own snow globe!

A Firebox Exclusive, the individually hand-painted “Stranger Things” Upside Down Snow Globe recreates an eerie, snowy scene from the first season of the show, complete with a miniature Castle Byers fort and Will’s abandoned bike laying strewn on the ground.

Give it a shake and watch in wonder/terror as the menacing dark spores drift through the air, slowly consuming Will’s hideout and all surrounding it.

Thankfully there’s no Demogorgon included.

Grab yours through Firebox for $38.39. Not bad, not bad at all.