Why do we label a person, it is a weird phenomenon that happens almost every day. I saw it with my own eyes a few times this weekend, it is so funny when you actually stop and listen to what other people are saying regarding a specific person. I actually thought for a moment it was amusing and that these people were just fucking around, you know, a Friday night at a bar is never a serious place, well not after a few shots and too much beer.


Let’s start at the beginning; I happen to hear a few drunken words spoken between a few individuals about a certain someone late at night. I mean, just drunk words and stupid observations. The words may have been lost right there and then between the intoxication and blabbering between the glasses, but I heard it. And fortunately I know that what they said was complete rubbish. But the point is of this whole thing is that they were slowly but surely labeling that person and unknowingly creating a label to cover her/him. Don’t understand? Look at the picture I have posted with this, says a lot? Look closely, the person can not defend himself.

Words travel faster than the truth, it is always been like that. We tend to believe whatever rubbish we hear from another and indirectly sticking a big fat label to their forehead for the world to see. We are creating a “person” that may or may not be what he/she really is. Point I am making is that everybody talks, but not everybody is always thinking what they say, take for instance, a girl can so easily be labeled as easy or a slut in a moment of stupidity. That is not hard to do, you just need a few interested people and a minor action to get that ball rolling. A close dance or a longer than usual hug may be just for the fun but remember what they see is what they need to add fuel to the growing fire.

Back to the story, I heard what I heard. I’m glad I heard it, not because I am also craving to add a little label to the whole thing but due to the fact that people can be so fucking petty and narrow minded.

You know who you are, don’t be stupid. Remember that if the label is stuck on, it will hurt to get it off.