This is strange… The Caganers is a Spanish website that sells statues of musicians pooping… taking a dump, dropping a Bono.

Loosely translated as “Crappers”, Caganers are little figures depicted with theirs pants down, squatting and defecating on the ground. In the Catalonia region of Spain and other Catalan cultures, the little shitters appear hidden in or around nativity scenes as a means to either represent fertility of the Earth or the “outsider” spoiling ornamental extravagance, depending on your source.

Modern Caganers often are designed after celebrities or famous characters, and has quite the collection for sale. They’ve got cartoons like The Simpsons and comic book superheroes, movie and TV favorites like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, and even political figures like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (can a turd drop a turd?)

“ is a family-based company that has grown up taking advantage of the strength of two generations to propel itself in order to get where it is now. In 1992, Anna Maria Pla, ceramicist/potter and “pesebrista“, founded the company, take the lead and took charge of the whole production, always aware that she was raising a familiar enterprise which, in the foreseeable future, will be inherited by her sons, Marc and Sergi. Sergi is in charge for the trade part and the management, while Marc is responsible for the production, since he is an artist who, apart from making caganers, works professionally in the art of sculpture itself”

Here are the musicians, thanks to Consequence of Sound. Can you guess all the artists? Check it out below:

bono-u2 bruce-springsteen caganer-elton-john caganer-prince freddie-mercury freddie-mercury-corona john-lennon madonna michael-jackson mick-jagger shakira