Rapidly cementing their name as the go-to festival for alternative music fans in South Africa, Krank’d Up music festival is back for another unforgettable show that will be talked about for years to come. Having wowed audiences over the past 5 years with electrifying performances from some of the planet’s most exciting international rock and metal acts, Krank’d Up fans exploded in jubilant fashion at the announcement of Memphis May Fire and Intervals as 2017’s festival headliners.

Krank’d Up will be held at Sundowners, Alberton, on September 30, 2017.

Full confirmed lineup: Memphis May Fire, Intervals, Red Helen, Megalodon, albinobeach, State Society, CMR, Ohgod, My Columbine, Mezzanine Floor, Deadline, Vulvodynia, Held On Till May, After Robot, Maximum Carnage, You, Me and the Harmony, Savage Lucy, BloodBeast, De Wallen, Coldfield, Mad God.

Tickets are on sale nationwide through Computicket, as well as at Computicket outlets and Checkers stores.

With that said, we had a chat with Mike Pocock from State Society.

Hi, guys. Long time, no chat. How are you feeling about performing at Krank’d Up?

This is one of our bucket list festivals to perform at so we are beyond excited and amped to jam alongside some of the best dudes in the business!

Is there anything special you have in store for all your fans at the festival?

I think we’re just going to give our usual high energy performance, but this is one of the band’s final performances (for awhile at least), so we would love to see as many people as possible come on down and party with us.

Which of the other artists are you keen on having a beer with at the fest?

All of them! All the bands on the line up are just too awesome. We are, however, looking at getting our beer boogy on with the gents from After Robot.

How would you describe Krank’d Up in one sentence?

#KU2017 is a Rip-roaring rampage of radness!

Why should people make a point of checking out State Society at the Hunter’s Stage at 4 PM?

Well it may or may not be one of the last times we perform live so come on down. Marchant may or may not have trimmed his beard as well.

What would you say is the most important thing to remember to Krank’d Up? As an artist and festival goer? 

Don’t be a prick! Like seriously, be cool and stuff with everyone around you. Remember, we are all there to have a great time and show our international counterparts that we are one of the best audiences in the world.

How important is Krank’d Up for the South African music scene?

It’s one of the most important festivals in SA at the moment, more than ever actually. Big scale alternative festivals are on the decline at the moment so #KU2017 is waving the flag high for us!

What is next for State Society?

Um, we’re gonna go to a strip club maybe. Actually most definitely. Cliff also wants to go to Lesotho for some reason.

Awesome! Thanks for the chat. Be sure to check them out at Krank’d Up this year. It’s going to be amazing!