Do you have any old Star Wars toys? Are they gathering dust in the attic or at your mom’s house? Well, SaveMyBacon put together an infographic that shows you some of the rarest Star Wars action figures and how much they are worth in mint condition. It’s incredible to see how much some of these toys are worth – some of them may even set you up for life, based on the decreasing Rand value… thank you, esteemed leader.

The infographic comes with the following note:

It’s that time again when the whole world goes Star Wars crazy! The new movie, “The Force Awakens” come out on December 17th and there’s no doubt that all of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s will be going up to our attics and searching for our old Star Wars toys, figures and vehicles that our parents bought us. Well think about this, those old toys could be worth an absolute fortune now!

We’ve been doing a bit of research into the values of some of the original Star Wars toys that came out in the last 70s and early 80s, and you would not believe what some of these figures are worth!

Some of the more notable Star Wars toys on this list include: Yak Face, Darth Vader and caped Jawa.

Check out the infographic for yourself and take a stroll down Star Wars memory lane. Then you might want to go digging through your attic for some valuable Star Wars gold dust that just may be hiding there!