The ultimate – and maybe the first – skate song that had kids reaching for their skateboards when it started playing. Heaven is a Halfpipe by OPM is probably one of the best songs to amp you before a skate; it played in the THINK video (we may be wrong) a couple of years ago, and dahum! The song had us in such ecstasy that we tried to backside flip everything that afternoon. A few bones and dreams were broken that fateful day…

Heaven Is a Halfpipe (also known informally as “Heaven Is a Halfpipe (If I Die) or “If I Die Before I Wake”) is the debut single by American hip hop band OPM.

“Heaven Is a Halfpipe” is about a man who loves skateboarding, getting high and being free. He imagines Heaven being like a Halfpipe, where he doesn’t have to worry about the police ruining his good time (“cause right now on Earth I can’t do jack / without the man upon my back”). The trick skills of professional skateboarders Christian Hosoi and Mike McGill are mentioned during the bridge (“Like Christian Hosoi way back in ’87” / “We’ll be busting Christ airs until we get to heaven” / “I’m gonna twist out like Mike McGill” / “With all your rules you got to chill” / “I’m gonna twist out cos I got the skills”).

Where’s my board? I need to kickflip something!