First things first! Why did you have to break up? We loved Wrestlerish – and we’re incredibly sad that you guys left the music scene so early in your careers! Damn you!

Now that, that little outburst is out of our systems, let’s get to “Battle Ground” It was their first single from the album “Greater Good and Lesser Evils” and it was one hell of an album. We can confirm that the album hasn’t left Ed’s car playlist since he got it. That’s how good it was!


The song was part of the “new” Wrestlerish, and we thought that’d be the first of many… but it was the first of the last. We’re still disappointed that you never did play a last show, but alas, we saw you at Oppikoppi – and that was an emotional rollercoaster of note.

Thank you guys (and girl) for this amazing track, and all the banging tunes you produced to the masses!