“Always” is a song by Blink-182, one of my all time favourite bands; the song was released on November 4, 2004 as the fourth and final single from blink-182’s self-titled album.

The music video is one mind-fuck of note, as they used 3 different videos to mash it up into one single video. I remember watching the video way back when I started high school, and instantly fell in love with lady in the music video. She was one hawt dame! I used to play this song over and over when I recorded it on a VHS tape – I drove my parents crazy and even my dad learned some of the lyrics, after he heard the song about 143 times.

Blink 182 Always

I chose this song as the “song of the day” because I was listening to the whole album and this track stood out for me. It may be the drum stick-intro followed by the soothing bass, or maybe the insightful and brilliant lyrics… it might also be the nostalgia factor…

Fuck, I love this song, check it out:

Always Blink 182