Smirnoff Sound Collective is bringing its signature inclusive music experiences from the festival grounds into local clubs around the world for the first event in a new global program called Smirnoff Sound Collective LIVE.

On the 11th of December, Assembly will be the place to be in Cape Town with the launch of Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee, in collaboration with Smirnoff Sound Collective and ClubcastLIVE.

Smirnoff Sound Collective’s featured musical artist, Djemba Djemba will connect via live broadcast, to dance floors across Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil as he performs exclusively from the Smirnoff House in Los Angeles, USA.

To celebrate the launch of Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee, Smirnoff Sound Collective and ClubcastLIVE, the leader in event-to-event live-streaming, will be bringing fans and renowned American DJ, Djemba Djemba, together on a global platform through live, interactive audio-visual streaming.

On the night, Smirnoff fans will be able to sip on the newest addition to the cutting-edge Double Black Ice line – Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee – all while enjoying a live performance by local artists and international headline act, Djemba Djemba.

Djemba Djemba’s music is born from a state of permanent contradiction, held together by one underlying and adaptive principle: rhythm. Experimenting with polyrhythms, 90’s FM synths, and the all-important 808 Kick, Djemba Djemba crafts a sound that is both intelligent and moving.

Djemba Djemba – who has collaborated with the likes of Madonna, and Diplo – is the perfect fit to launch Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee at the Sound Collective LIVE event. “I’ve been into streaming technology for a long time, so obviously I’m thrilled to be part of this project with Smirnoff and ClubcastLIVE. The fact that I’ll be able to connect with fans across 4 continents in a single day is nothing short of amazing,” says Djemba Djemba.

“We’re excited to launch Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee by hosting a live-streaming music event,” says Mark Gounden, Brand Manager, Smirnoff FABs at brandhouse. “Through live streaming, ClubcastLIVE is ‘Exclusively for Everyone.’ This platform will be giving an artist and fans the ultimate opportunity to connect, free of boundaries, through one performance. This is the perfect way to explore the night.’”

smirnoff double black ice green coffeeDouble Black Ice Green Coffee

Fresh on the shelves, Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee is a blend of the Smirnoff vodka loved worldwide, with Green Coffee and Soda infused into the mix. Available in an ultra-premium 250ml sleek can, Smirnoff Double Black Ice Green Coffee is an easy-to-drink spirit cooler, perfect for the ultimate night on the town.

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