Seth Rogen James Franco Bound 3 Spoof

Let’s face it, Bound 2 wasn’t going to make any waves, the video was really no benchmark in any scene and was probably shot in less than a day…Alright! I’ll admit that it was ‘kak’, and it had the same feeling as a late night etv movie.

Well all-around funny man Seth Rogen and James Franco decided that they will also unleash a music video onto earth called ‘Bound 3’. It’s a shot-by-shot remake of Bound 2; the video is hilarious while Rogen and Franco did their best to imitate West and Kardashian. You can almost smell the love!

If you think that it’s horrible, have a look at both these videos on Youtube and see who has the most ‘thumbs up’ between the two of them. The ball is in your court, Andy Samberg!


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And if you do want to see Bound 2, you can watch it here as well…

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