When you think about science, beer doesn’t exactly spring to mind. But apparently, that’s exactly what happened in Australia’s University of Adelaide, where researchers have cooked up a type of barley that can be used to help keep beer fresher for longer.

Gotta love that science!

Gotta love that science!

The cause for the extended life of the beer? A genetic defect in the barley!

The enzyme “lipoxygenase”, produces stuff that causes beer to smell like ass if left out too long. With the help of selective breeding, and probably some other sciency things, the researchers produced a strain of barley with a defective version of this enzyme. This means beer brewed with this barley will last much longer. Yay science!


Beer: brought to you by SCIENCE!

But this discovery isn’t all that impressive, because like any beer enthusiast will tell you; “if the beer is awesome, it won’t need to last long.”