Ruby Burton has recently released a new music video for her latest single, Shiver.

Having spent some time traveling and performing in New York, Orlando Florida, touring with SA X-Factor Winners FOUR to local festivals, and with further experience outside the UAE where she performed with a three-piece band in Oman for two weeks, Shiver was written by Ruby herself.

She came up with a few lines, which is now the pre-chorus, just after finishing school. It stuck with her and a year later she decided to finish what she started. As she wrote the track over two years, it brought together different experiences she encountered over those two years, which resulted in an eclectic writing process.

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The video was directed and shot by Dylan Pereira and Jason Prins, both still students. It was shot at the end of May 2016 in and around Cape Town and the Atlantis dunes.

Although Ruby came up with the concept for the video, everyone brought ideas to the table; a great collaboration with diverse creatives. The concept of the video is all about leaving the craziness of the city and going to a place of open spaces where creativity is endless.

“We basically documented ourselves leaving the city to go and create a dance on the Atlantis dunes. It’s a sensual and visually captivating video.”

Ruby describes the video as using the song as the soundtrack to a short film. The film being about escaping the madness of the world and going to a quiet space where only you and someone else exist. Two energies creating something beautiful. It fits in with the song Shiver as it communicates a sense of connection with another human and in that moment nothing else matters but those two energies.

“This video really expresses what the true Ruby is all about. I have really grown as an artist. I’ve been at it since I finished school in 2012. I had a lot of ups and downs, but have really grown into myself and know the direction in which I want to go. I feel this video gives a sense of my soul, and I always want to do that with all the art I create.”


We had a quick chat with Ruby:

How did you come up with the idea for the Shiver music video?

Came to me quite naturally. I love story telling. I’ll listen to any song and in my mind i come up with some really cool concepts. I actually forget half of them and i really need to start jotting them down. For Shiver i closed my eyes and visualized two dancers going on an adventure. They would be wanting to get away from the chaos of city life and all they want to do is create something beautiful in a place of no distraction. I came with the concept, we all got together (two directors and Chester Martinez), shared our ideas and I LOVE what we created.

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

Everywhere. Mostly deep within me, but I have also written some rather fun bubble gum kind of lyrics. Life is abundant, so it varies.

What are your musical icons/influences locally and internationally?

I am inspired/influenced by so many artists. I go through phases, at the moment my icon is James Arthur. Artists/Bands that i have loved for a while now are, Amy Winehouse, Alina Baraz, Frant Sinatra, The Weekend, Bob Marley, Eliza Doolittle, Sam Smith, Kimbra, James Blake, Nat King Cole, Diana Krall, Maroon 5… I could go on.

How different is performing aboard to a performance in South Africa?

I haven’t performed as a solo artist overseas yet, but as a group its great, nothing like performing to your own people though in South Africa. However I cannot wait to perform my solo material overseas. BRING IT ON!

What is next for Ruby Burton?

South Africa then Africa then International. That’s the goal 🙂 Work work work.

Great! Any last words for people who haven’t heard your music, or people who want to get in touch with you?

Contact me via social media @ruby_burton.

Photos by Cass Collett