Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents Dan Patlansky’s “Perfection Kills” album launch supported by Rubber Duc, Boxer, The Barbosa Experience, Stone Jets and queen of hip hop Lil Bow’.

Aweh bra! Fokken Park Acoustics. Na die Electric vibe gaan dit dik lekker wees om net weer onder daardie lieflike boom te chill en musiek weer te beleef en in te asem. Niks teen Park Electric nie, maar my kuite pyn nogsteeds.

Park Acoustics program:

Pringles Main Stage

10:30 Stone Jets
11:35 The Barbosa Experience
12:40 Boxer
13:45 Rubber Duc
15:00 Dan Patlansky
16:00 Lil Bow’

Sunset Comedy Stage

Nina Hastie
Chris Forest


R140 Online 
R165 Gate

With that said, we had a quick chat with the lads from Rubber Duc:

Hey guys. How excited are you to be performing at Park Acoustics?

Flipping excited! We know “flip” isn’t the appropriate word to use, but it will have to do for this interview! SOOOOOO keen!

What can all the fans expect from Rubber Duc at Park Acoustics?

We have a few surprises up our sleeves, mixed in with loads of energy – you will see it, then believe it!

Rubber Duc is known for being a fun and energetic band, how do you amp yourself up before a performance?

Eat ginger

Do that yoga

Tequila shots

Hahaha! What song is your absolute favorite to perform to a crowd?

We love the OG “It’s Alright”, But we can’t wait to play new stuff!

Which of the artists on the day are you keen on having a beer or two with?

All of them, a beer for each! So that’s what? 5? Yes, 5 beers…

Yebo yes! What would you say has been your greatest “gift” to the South African music scene?

We finally got JZ to step down… indirectly! (Eventually)

What is next for Rubber Duc?

New EP later this year

Overseas tours

Kakloads of hugs!

Haha, Dankie! We’ll see you there.

*Photos by Kyle White