In the late ’90s, the A-Team, Rodney Mullen’s post-Plan B brand, was still a thing. At some point, it toured with Blind, and it went through St. Louis, where Ronnie Creager filmed the Rodney Mullen footage above.

Basically, Rodney puts on a one-man freestyle demo for a crowd of kids as some band that could have only existed in, like, 1999 plays. Ronnie says the footage might be from 2002, but Rodney’s definitely wearing an A-Team shirt, and Dwindle dissolved that brand in 2000, before it introduced Enjoi.

This is what the Ronnie Creager had to say:

“Rodney Mullen! A stop in St. Louis, Missouri (possibly 2002) for one of the Blind, A-Team demos across the United States. Right out of the car Rodney started skating flat ground and quickly got surrounded by fans. I had my camera on hand and filmed him skate flat till the scheduled demo started and had to skate myself. I would have like to edit out most of the 360 hand flip nose drive reverts but hey… thousands of miles of sitting, driving your allowed to miss a few tricks. I think Rodney had a birthday on this trip.”

Via the Ride Channel