Whether you liked it or not, Bam Margera blew skateboarding up in the early 00s. Because of shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam, every kid in the world wanted to get a Heartagram tattoo on their arms, buy all the CD’s from HIM and have an Element board in their hand.

Skating hit the mainstream and if you could actually do a kickflip down a set or even grind a little flatbar, you became cool. You were the “poef” in school and nobody could take that away from you…

Of course, Bam’s skateboarding understandably slowed down with all the TV obligations and fame. It was clear that Bam was always wild, but it wasn’t clear that he had an actual problem. It wasn’t until the promos for Family Therapy came out, most people realized that their childhood skateboarding madman hero was actually struggling… it was bad!

Bam didn’t look like he was in any condition to skate. However, that’s when the Instagram posts started popping up and the rumors surfaced that yes, Bam was back on a skateboard.

Jenkem Mag tracked him down and even had an interview with him (read the whole post right here)

It’s great having Bam back! Well done, bro! Now, don’t stop #skaatsplank