Continuing our reminiscing about the cartoons we grew up with, here’s one that I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I wasted way too much of my life watching. Wacky Races.

You may think that I only watched it as a kid, but I actually watched this show well into high-school. There were so many quirky characters who you either loved with every fiber of your being, or you hated them more that that one pebble that just won’t come out of your shoe no matter how hard you try. My favourite one, like almost everyone who watched the show, was Mutley – that scruffy dog with one of the best laughs in history.

The show only ever had one season of about 17 episodes, but that was enough for me to become a huge fan. The show was first aired in the 60’s! And the fact that some channels still ran it when I was a teenager, shows just how awesome it was.

Here’s a bit of video and a few pics to get that nostalgia level dialed up to max:

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