It’s nearly five years since the launch of Recording Studios and they have an amazing celebration lined up on 25th June 2016. They have a great bunch of bands together for a gig to help us celebrate this milestone at the truly amazing venue, The Good Luck Bar. Acts such as PitVirus, Shortstraw, Naming James, Hellcats and more.

Recording Studios have teamed and will give you a gig with a difference. They’re going to use our birthday event to raise money for deaf children who have never experienced the magic of music.

Money raised will be used to fund cochlear implants and to buy hearing aids, giving children the gift of hearing. They’re supporting a charity called Hi Hopes. It’s a programme run by Wits University dedicated to helping deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world where they cannot hear.

Buy Tickets Online – R60

With that said, we had a quick chat with the Chris van der Walt from PitVirus:

1. Thanks for the interview guys. First things first, are you excited for Recording Studios’ 5th Birthday Party?
Yes, we’ve always enjoyed their work. They do great reviews, interviews, and they’re very active in the scene. It feels like a well-deserved celebration.


2. Can we expect a Birthday present to be given on stage to Recording Studios?
Cicero Carstens does live painting while we perform. We will donate the painting to for auction to raise more funds for Hi Hopes.

3. Will this performance be in the same mould as the previous show, or are you going to do something a bit different?
We’ll be performing new songs from our upcoming album. Warren Leicher will be filling in on bass for Marc Junius. Other than that you can expect the same old grooves and a handsome bunch of guys.

4. Back to PitVirus, for a person who has never heard of you, how would you describe a typical PitVirus show?
It grooves, with a monster on drums (Thomas Hughes) driving the force, and strong, beautiful, catchy vocal melodies. There are some elements of White Zombie, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, & Alice in Chains in there…

5. The show will be held at the Good Luck Bar, any crazy stories that you had at this amazing venue?
The Good Luck Bar is owned by Gareth Wilson and Nicol van den Berg. That is a crazy story on its own. I think the coolest/craziest parties were the ones where they mix up the genres completely. It gets a wider audience to the show. Everyone enjoys any kind of music, when it’s really good. Having someone like PitVirus, BCUC, PHFAT, and Koos Kombuis will be awesome. It’s all different, but great quality. People seem to get bored if you have 12 blues bands, 12 black metal bands, 12 reggae bands, etc. back-to-back. Mix it up, isn’t that what South Africa has always been about?


6. Recording Studios’ Birthday party is about giving back to the community and specifically the Hi Hopes. Any charities that you guys would love to be involved in?
Charities raising political awareness in communities without access to mainstream media, or charities involving music in communities would be great. Currently I donate to the Organ Donor Foundation SA and MyPlanet Rhino Fund.

7. PitVirus can be referred to as a “new” act on the scene, what do you think of the South African music scene? Is it in a kak or good place at the moment?
PitVirus is a new band, but we’re not new to the scene. We’ve all been very active in other acts like Fuzigish, The Black Cat Bones, Boargazm, Haggis & Bong, The Drift, Lithium, N8ive, and more, for the last 15-20 years. The scene is great, we’re not in LA, so we don’t get things on a silver platter. Keep your head down and do the hard work. It pays off in the end. I have had some incredible gigs in the past, and I am very excited for what the future holds for PitVirus.

8. Any pre-show rituals that you guys have before a performance?
We smoke crack and worship Satan. We let our fingers soak in the blood of the corrupt politicians. We wear foil hats to make sure no one knows the set list… Bwahahahaha! No, we’re pretty chilled, we hang out, do some warmups, have a beer, and a chill.

9. Any last words for the people who will be attending the show, or people who have not purchased their tickets?
Come check us out. It’ll be PitVirus’ 2nd show. It’s loaded with lekker acts like Shortstraw (big in Japan), Hellcats (big in Bohemia), Naming James (big in the pants), and our singer David Beretta Owens will be performing a solo set. The Good Luck Bar is a wonderful place, and it’s guaranteed to be a mal party!



Photos by Henry Engelbrecht