I recently stumbled upon one of the coolest things I had ever done in my life other than fighting a giant polar bear, a home made DVD. How awesome is that, it blew my mind when I watched it, if you ever had a home made movie that you haven’t seen in a long time then you have not yet lived, it brings back so many memories and that weird warm feeling in your pants before you….. Call it nostalgia if you will. We had a awesome skate (yes with skateboards and all that shit) movie that we made, cleverly named Pulu after one of our crew (We were a legit crew, even had matching t-shirts at a time) played pool and missed a easy shot, and tried to scream vagina in Afrikaans, halfway through changed it to P…ULU when his mom walked in. So there you have a piece of history, use it, don’t use it. Yes it was a skateboard movie, we weren’t half bad, sure it wouldn’t win us an Oscar or some other random prize, it won our hearts over, that is all that matters.

It started as a small project between three people, namely Riaan, Renier and me. It turned out to be a movie including everyone at a certain skate park just outside of Wonderpark. We documented and filmed for a year, I may be wrong but it started when we entered our final year in high school, we took the camera everywhere we went, whether it be drinking on a Friday night or hanging on a Sunday morning at the skate park, it was there and recording everything.


We had a killer crew in the movie, I am going to name a few to just give you an idea of how much we filmed: Allain, Danie, Riaan, Rhinus,Carel, Tolla, Deon, Louen, Manie, Werner, Marinus, Marlon, Lehan, Korsten, KG, Jacques, Cameron, Poena, Benji, Ruan, Junior, Shaun and of course me.

A few clear memories and parts that stood out for me was:

An epic party that we had at the park, alcohol was being abused while we listened to some metal band that I recall whose name was Calamity.

Tolla pissing off the shit out of everyone that next morning at the park, people were busy getting rid of their hangovers and he was pulling out all their pillows from underneath them.

That hectic bail where Riaan almost destroyed his ball sack on that head high rail.

Partying the night before a competition at the park, where it got a bit out of hand, arriving at the park in the scorching sun and taking off your shirt only to discover that most of the people at the party became art pieces with naughty words on them and a few shapes in the form of genitals.

Cameron breaking his front tooth on the concrete, it was life changing.

Shaun landing a knee high kickflip on the bottom of the half pipe and freaking out to it, can you believe it!!

Some stray board that hit a kid on the head, brutal to say the least.

Watching Rhinus getting “staaldruppels” in a deep scar on his hand.

Allain chasing people out of the park when they didn’t pay, he was running around a lot.

There are a few more that I can remember but won’t bore you with it because you have to see it for yourself.

When I watched it I also noticed the stark contrast between the people that was in the movie and how they turned out, some of them turned out for worse, falling to the evil ‘erb and so forth. But the good thing is that everyone is still alive or just hanging on for dear life. One clear observation other than the size of the “actors” in the movie was the hairstyles, sweet baby Jesus what were we thinking at that time. I personally looked like a dirty mop was planted on my head, and something was growing out of it resembling an old Danny de Vito, yes it was that bad. I hang my head in shame, but alas I was young and naïve.

The good times that I saw on that movie made me a happy guy for the reason that we had great adventures and was lucky enough to record most of it through the lens of a second hand camera.

So guys are we going to try and make another movie, this time it may just take about 6 fucking years to complete. Or just have a braai and watch it again while getting pissed?