This R2-D2 inspired Volkswagen bus was created by Instructables user mimaki cg60. The bus was an old family vehicle that he wanted to turn into something geeky, and what’s more geeky than Star Wars?

This van reminds me a lot of Conrad Stramneck‘s lekker pimp-mobile that he uses as a stage at festivals. You might’ve seen him, if not, attend more music festivals!

“It all began when we looked at the family’s old-looking VW bus and started wondering how to transform it. The first idea was to transform it into a woody-vw bus, but after a Star Wars marathon, we finally found the droid we were looking for.

“We decided to recreate all the objects on R2-D2 and adapt them to fit the bus. All the measurements and computer work took about 50 hours, plus vinyl wrapping till we lost count.”

Click here to see the process he went through to create this geek-masterpiece.