On the 4th of February 2017 the Green. LIVE will be hosting a beach party to end the Summer with a bang. We here at Why Ed are joining in on the beach vibe fun and will be jolling come Saturday. With that said, we thought we would have a quick chat with Al from Shortstraw about LILO.

But first, Cielo Beach Bar will be the venue for this alternative music extravaganza with a massive beach, swimming pool, cocktail bar, craft beer bar and some fun little surprises.

LILO starts at 10:00 and will be ending off at 20:00. You want tickets? Natuurlik! Here you go, follow the link and gooi!

The line-up is insane and will include the following:

11:00 – Stephane Marais
12:00 – Josie Field & Laurie Levine
13:00 – Jaryd Smith
14:15 – Bad Peter
15:30 – Strait Jackal
16:45 – December Streets
18:00 – Shortstraw
19:15 – PH Fat

Enough with the deets, here’s what Al had to say about LILO:

Thanks for having a quick chat with us before LILO. How are you guys feeling about performing at LILO this weekend?

We’re feeling real good! Always love a beach party and a Benoni jol is a special jol.

We’ve never been to a Benoni jol… What can people expect from you on stage at LILO?

They can expect us to play some of our songs!

Haha, thanks for that Al. LILO won’t be your average beach party, any chance for Baywatch type of swimwear on stage, as it will be Bikini Weather?

I’m sure if enough people ask Tom to take his shirt off, he will.

Sounds like a plan. What has been the craziest thing you’ve seen at a festival, except for Crazy Jay prancing around?

Nothing too crazy actually. Either we’ve grown accustomed to festival shenanigans or we just don’t remember the exciting bits.

Haha. We’re huge fans of “Those Meddling Kids” campaign, how did you come up with the idea and how has the reception been on it?

Ah thanks, man! We just wanted to release an album a little differently to how we’ve done releases in the past. Doing it this way allows us to focus all our attention on each song as it gets done, instead of letting certain songs fall to the wayside. We also haven’t finished writing all the songs yet, so it allowed us to start releasing these songs we were so excited about a soon as they were ready, instead of having to wait until the whole album is ready. The reception has been pretty good so far, obviously, we always want as many people to listen to the new stuff as possible and certain songs are doing better than others, but we’re super grateful to everyone that has given them the time of day so far and hopefully they can only grow from here.

Indeed it will. Any last words for the LILO fans this weekend?

Just be safe out there. Don’t drive if you’re drinking and remember that if a lady says no she means no. Don’t be a doos.

Thanks, Al. We’ll see you on Saturday at LILO.

*Cover photo by Fausto Becatti